Our Brewmasters

Dave Ohmer


Dave’s love-at-first-sip devotion to beer became his career more than a decade ago. While studying jazz drumming at The University of Tennessee, he learned the brewing craft on the job at a local Knoxville microbrewery and restaurant. Although formally trained in traditional English brewing techniques, Dave prefers not to be hemmed in by rules or styles. He enjoys the technical and scientific aspects of his craft and gets a thrill out of experimenting with new ingredients. That makes Whole Foods Market Brewing Company the ideal venue for Dave to share his expertise.“With an entire produce department right here in our brewery, we can introduce new, fun flavors all the time,” Dave says. “We can brew beers with Texas ingredients and offer local food pairings. Brewing in small batches allows us more experimentation, creativity and control.”

Stephen Pace

Assistant Brewmaster

Stephen enjoys the science behind beer almost as much as the sipping. He also loves making spreadsheets!“I love delving into the nitty-gritty numbers behind brewing,” Stephen explains. “We use very high-quality grains, and it’s important to extract as much flavor and sugar out of them as possible. You need the right amount of water, the right temperature—there are so many variables, which are especially important when brewing small batches. I love mapping out the variables and seeing how they all interact.”Brewing inside a grocery store with fresh ingredients at the ready provides Stephen with plenty of interesting variables and endless opportunity to test, taste and tweak new recipes—much to the delight of Whole Foods Market Post Oak shoppers. A constant flow of brewery observers and visitors also gives Stephen a welcome chance to chat about what happens behind the scenes to make every pour possible.